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The Green

9th February 2018 - Friday 20:30

The Green, Hawaii's sensational reggae artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Crescent Ballroom!

The Green was formed in Kailua (Honolulu County, Hawaii) in 2009 and consists of Caleb Keolanui (lead vocals), Ikaika Antone (keys and lead vocals), JP Kennedy (guitar and lead vocals), Zion Thompson (guitar and lead vocals), Brad “BW” Watanabe (bass), and Jordan Espinoza (drums). Their musical style is best described as a blend of reggae (while sometimes used in a broad sense to refer to most types of popular Jamaican dance music, the term reggae more properly denotes a particular music style that was strongly influenced by traditional mento as well as American jazz and rhythm and blues, and evolved out of the earlier genres ska and rocksteady), reggae pop (a genre that has its foundation in reggae but the music is tempered with strong, melodic hooks, commercial production, and a crossover sensibility), and contemporary reggae (a genre that falls somewhere between reggae and reggae pop, adhering to many of the traditions developed by the '70s trailblazers, but using slick, professional production techniques that mark the recordings as products of their time). They’ve had a stellar career with 3 studio albums and a 2011 Na Hoku Hanohano Award (Hawaii's premier music awards) for Best Reggae Album.

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to reggae, reggae pop, and contemporary reggae music! Click the button below to see The Green on Friday, February 9th!

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